Silver Triskelion Pendant Necklace

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Silver Triskelion Pendant Necklace 

Triskelion design
Metal (Zinc Alloy)
Pendant Necklace
Pendant Size:2.5cm

This Silver Triskelion Pendant Necklace is the perfect flow of ancient earth loving energy. For those who want to accessorize with a grounded expression of mystic wisdom, go for this pendant! 

The Greek term triskelion literally means "three-legged," and appropriately, this symbol looks very much like three legs running. The triskelion's (also referred to as triskele, triquetra or fylfot) Celtic symbol meaning holds two major components of symbolism: Active and Passive motion. 

The triple spiral and countless triple protrusions of sacred geometry appear in cultures throughout history as do many symbols utilizing the number three. Hence, the use of three arms in the Triskelion and other symbols’ interpretations vary. Common interpretations include:

Past, Present, Future
Mind, Body, Spirit
Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Creation, Preservation, Destruction
Maiden, Mother, Crone

Many ancient spiritual cultures believed in three worlds: The Otherworld, The Mortal World, and the Celestial World, the triskelion symbol might have held that reverence.