Natural Clear Quartz Druzy Geode Cluster

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Natural Clear Quartz Druzy Geode Cluster

Unique Clear Quartz Geode/Cluster Specimen
Stone sizes are mostly 1.75"~2.75" Average
Each set is unique and dimensions do vary.
Perfect for Reiki or Collecting
Each order comes with a Free Gift Box

This Natural Clear Quartz Druzy Geode Cluster is the perfect piece for cleansing and amplifying the positive energy in any space. It can charge other crystals you place around it and makes a great altarpiece. 

Clear Quartz resonates with the crown chakra but can also heal all parts of the body. It is said to be purely made of vibrating light energy and amplifies other crystals around it. This is a highly programmable quantum crystal, whatever you put into it it will filter and send out! For those who are starting to learn about crystal energy, this is one you MUST work with!

*The statements made on this product have not been evaluated by FDA and the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. 

**Because these are natural stones the item received will be slightly different than what is pictured. The crystal chooses you!