Meditation Singing Bowl With Cushion

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Meditation Singing Bowl With Cushion

High Quality 
Soft Cushion
Hammered Copper
Color: Gold
Size: W: 90mm H: 50mm
Package includes 1 Bowl, 1 Striker, 1 Cushion

    Meditation Singing Bowls are used worldwide for sound healing, relaxation, home decor and personal well-being.The sound and music of the bowl awakens cellular memory and surrounds the aura with healing energy.

    To play the Meditation Singing Bowl, simply tap the edge of the bowl with the striker and drag it around the bowl to carry the vibration and amplify the sound. The faster you drag the striker the louder the bowl will sound.

    When you tap or play around the rim of the bowl, it will create a pure, peaceful calming and relaxing sound. 

    This Meditation Singing Bowl With Cushion is perfect for religious practice, deep meditation, relaxation, healthcare, and yoga. Made of high-quality metal and beautifully crafted, compact and exquisite design.


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