Metaphysics| 3 Ways To Connect To "The All"

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Metaphysics| 3 Ways To Connect To "The All"

3 Ways to connect to "The All"

“The All”, you might be thinking is some other new-age hokey pokey that’s about love & light and all things happy! But no. “The All” is much deeper and less sugar-coated. It is an occult and esoteric term that incorporates every aspect of being. From the tiniest atom to the multiverse. It is “The force” like in Star Wars, or what some people choose to call God.

To connect to “The All” means to be in balance. It means using your creative fate to access your highest spiritual potential. When you are not connected, you don't see how everything that happens in your life is your own doing. It makes you vulnerable to psychic attack and brainwashing, not only from outside forces but from your subconscious mind and inner shadow.

Here are three rituals you can do to connect to the all:

  1. Follow your intuition - Following intuition is key in your spiritual practice. It is the simple act of trusting yourself and following through with your initial inner guidance. The easiest way to get started is to listen to the first thought that comes into your mind when you ask yourself things you think you don't know or can't figure out. Practice when playing games by following through on the moves or answers your inner guidance is telling you to use. 
  2. Ground Your Chi - Chi is life force energy, your manifesting mojo! It can be grounded using meditation, dancing, walking barefoot in nature ( yes the beach!), yoga, and anything that helps you focus and recenter yourself. If you don't have too much time in the day to travel someplace to ground, try a few minutes of deep breathing, hold and release. This helps you to focus your attention on only the things you want to manifest, even if you are already facing some negative karma. The day will end on a high note! 
  3. Ritual - We all have different beliefs and they must be respected! Some people do this method by daily prayer in the way of their chosen religion. Honoring your guides or ancestors does not necessarily have to mean worshiping anything as a god. It is about understanding and accepting the unseen forces of your family line in your physical life and then giving thanks for the blessings you receive. For those who do not believe in that, you can connect to the all in this way by honoring yourself. Respecting and treating yourself to the best because you are the creator of your reality! 

Working with tools like crystal grids and pyramids are a great way to attune to the natural flow of the universe and this planet. Check out some of the new additions to our collection! 


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